Making Professional Concrete Coating Results A Reality


Hillyard Concrete Defense changes the way coatings are applied - delivering professional results without the cost of professional application. Traditional coatings, designed for in-house application, often fail because surface preparation is too complicated and labor intensive.  Our proprietary primer-based system greatly simplifies prep work - eliminating typical steps like acid-etching, grinding and shot-blasting. Hillyard Concrete Primer chemically bonds the coating to the surface, resulting in a protective shell that looks great and performs well under traffic. Get professional results, get Hillyard Concrete Defense.​

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Using A Hillyard Concrete Defense System

  • Provides stain protection.​

  • Eliminates concrete dusting.

  • Makes floor cleaning easier.

  • Improves gloss, increasing brightness and light levels.

  • Can completely transform concrete surfaces into showroom caliber floors​.